Rune Rank

74.99 USD

Package Description

 Rune Rank

One-Time Bonuses and Items

  • 1x Astral Crate key ($5.00 value)
  • 1x Solar Crate key! ($2.50 value)
  • An additional 75,000 coins!
  • An additional 10,000 Claim Blocks!
  • An additional 4 homes! (/sethome)

Unlocked Commands and Perks

  • The in-game [Rune] rank!
  • Access to fly as if you were in creative mode for 2 hours daily! (/unlockfly)
  • Access to heal your Pokémon on the go! (/pokeheal)
  • Access to your PC storage on the go! (/pc)
  • Access to nickname yourself, with Minecraft color, formatting and hex color codes! (/nick)
    • Note: The hex code (e.g: '#ffaa00') needs to be encoded in { } braces (e.g: '{#ffaa00}').
  • Access to the Rune kit! (/kit rune)
  • Access to the monthly Rune kit! (/kit runemonthly)
  • Access to nickname your Pokémon using Minecraft color and formatting codes! (/pokecolor)
  • Access to set pre-defined custom login and logout messages! (/logmessages)
  • Access to set your chat messages to a specific color! (/textcolor)
  • Access to restore the durability of the item in your hand! (/repair hand)
  • Access to sit on player's shoulders and ride around! (/ride)
  • Access to delete and trash items out of existence! (/dispose)
  • Access to turn items into their block form! (/condense)
  • Access to turn blocks into their item form! (/uncondense)
  • Access to make yourself invincible! (/god)
  • Access to permanently have the night vision effect! (/nv)
  • Access to extinguish yourself from flames (/ext)
  • Access to edit signs without destroying them! (/se)
  • Access to customize item names! (/itemname)
  • Access to customize item lores! (/itemlore)
  • Access to sit on the ground! (/sit)
  • Access to a portable crafting table! (/craft)
  • Access to view the Hidden Power type and base power of your Pokémon! (/hiddenpower)
  • Access to revive Pokémon fossils into Pokémon instantly! (/redeemfossil)
  • Access to send a special message to all players online! (/me)
  • Access to randomly teleport in the wild without cooldown! (/rtp)
  • Access to use Minecraft color, formatting and hex codes in private messages! (/msg)
    • Note: The hex code (e.g: '#ffaa00') needs to be encoded in { } braces (e.g: '{#ffaa00}').
  • Access to use Minecraft color, formatting and hex color codes on signs!
    • Note: The hex code (e.g: '#ffaa00') needs to be encoded in { } braces (e.g: '{#ffaa00}').
  • Access to receive notifications when your items and armor durability is below 10%. 
  • Access to wear items on your head as a hat! (/hat)
  • Access to a portable enderchest! (/ender)
  • Access to give yourself Minecraft mob heads! (/mobhead)
  • Access to give yourself in your player skull! (/head)
  • Access to heal yourself! (/heal)
  • Access to trade Pokémon with yourself! (/tradesim)
  • Access to give yourself Pokémon photos! (/givepixelsprite)
  • Access to the Sylveon, Flareon, Jolteon, Umbreon and Espeon player cosmetic scarves! (/redeem gui
  • Access to the white, yellow, dark grey, grey, black, aqua, gold, light purple, dark purple, blue, green, dark aqua and red player glows (/glow)
  • Access to view what TMs your Pokémon can learn! (/tms)
  • Access to view your battle win and lose statistics against other players! (/pokestats)
  • Access to view your current position! (/pos)
  • Access to restore your hunger! (/feed)
  • Access to view players around your location! (/near)
  • Access to view what level-up, egg and tutor moves your Pokémon can learn! (/movelist)


Rune Kit (7-day cooldown)

(Kit contents below - '/kit rune')

  • 16x Rare Candies - levels up your Pokémon by 1 level!
  • 16x Quick Balls - PokéBalls with a 3x catch rate in the dark, 0.1x for Ultra Beasts and 1x normally!
  • 8x Wishing Pieces - immediately activates a Raid Den!
  • 4x Silver Hourglasses - advanced a Pokémon's breeding stage by 1!
  • 2x Golden Lenses - displays the ability, nature, IVs and Gender of wild Pokémon!
  • 2x Super Repel - keeps strong aggressive Pokémon from challenging you for 30 minutes!
  • 5x XL EXP Candies - levels up your Pokémon by 30,000 exp!
Rune Monthly Kit (30-day cooldown)

(Kit contents below - '/kit runemonthly')

  • 1x Megastone Crate Key! ($2.50 value)
  • 2x Master Ball - PokéBalls with a 100% catch rare!
  • 1x Perilious Soup - resets the EVs of a Pokémon to 0!
  • 1x Colourful Shake - increases friendship of a Pokémon!
  • 2x Strong Hidden Ability Lure - increases the spawn rate of Hidden Ability Pokémon by 1.73x!
  • 5x XL EXP Candies - levels up your Pokémon by 30,000 exp!