Nova Rank

 Nova Rank

One-Time Bonuses and Items

  • An additional 45,000 coins!
  • An additional 7,000 Claim Blocks!
  • Access to a total of 20 homes! (/sethome)
  • 5x Max Level Pokémon Modifiers - max out your Pokémon's level!
  • 1x Form Pokémon Modifier - modify your Pokémon's form!
  • 1x Nature Pokémon Modifier - modify your Pokémon's nature!
  • 5x Epic Clue Crystals - skip a Clue Scroll task!
  • 3x Mythical Clue Crystals - skip a Clue Scroll task!
  • 7x Ultra Space Teleporters - teleports you to Ultra Space!
  • 1x Shiny Ball - instantly shinies Pokémon caught!
  • 3x Double 30m Global Battle EXP Boosters!
  • 3x Double 30m Global Hidden Ability Spawns Boosters!
  • 3x Double 30m Global Player EXP Boosters!

Unlocked Commands

  • The in-game [Nova] rank!
  • Access to heal your Pokémon on the go! (/pokeheal)
  • Access to nickname yourself, with Minecraft color codes! (/nick)
  • Access to the Nova kit! (/kit nova)
  • Access to wear items on your head as a hat! (/hat)
  • Access to use Minecraft color codes on signs!
  • Access to a portable enderchest! (/ender)
  • Access to give yourself Minecraft mob heads! (/mobhead)
  • Access to give yourself any player skull! (/head)
  • Access to heal yourself! (/heal)
  • Access to trade Pokémon with yourself! (/tradesim)
  • Access to give yourself Pokémon photos! (/givepixelsprite)
  • Access to the Sylveon player cosmetic scarf! ([ESC] menu
  • Access to the yellow, dark grey, grey and black player glows (/glow)
  • Access to view what TMs your Pokémon can learn! (/tms)
  • Access to view your battle win and lose statistics against other players! (/pokestats)
  • Access to view your current position! (/pos)
  • Access to restore your hunger! (/feed)
  • Access to view players around your location! (/near)
  • Access to view what level-up, egg and tutor moves your Pokémon can learn! (/movelist)


Nova Kit (7-day cooldown)

(Kit contents below - '/kit nova')

  • 20x Rare Candies - levels up your Pokémon by 1 level!
  • 32x Timer Balls - PokéBalls with a 2x catch rate!
  • 5x Wishing Pieces - immediately activates a Raid Den!
  • 5x Max Repels - prevent Pokémon attacking you!
  • 1x Rare Scroll - complete Clue Scroll for rewards!
  • 1x Uncommon Clue Crystals - skip a Clue Scroll task!