5x Limited Edition Keys

25.99 USD

Package Description

 5x Limited Edition Crate Key

Possible Outcomes 

  • 1x Cornucopia Lucky Block
  • 2x Cornucopia Lucky Blocks
  • 3x Cornucopia Lucky Blocks
  • 2x Astral Crate Keys ($15.00 value)
  • 3x Solar Crate Keys ($7.50 value)
  • 1x Full Moon head for Eclipse Cresselia
  • 1x New Moon head for Eclipse Darkrai
  • 1x [Berry] Tag
  • 1x [Amber] Tag
  • 1x [Corn] Tag
  • 1x [Eclipse] Tag
  • 1x [Harvest] Tag
  • 1x [Valencian] Tag
  • 1x Autumnal Celebi
  • 1x Autumnal Zarude
  • 1x Autumnal Gardevoir
  • 1x Autumnal Leafeon
  • 1x Autumnal Liligant-Hisui
  • 1x Autumnal Ludicolo
  • 1x Autumnal Tsareena
  • 1x Autumnal Ursaluna
  • 1x Autumnal Roserade
  • 1x Autumnal Serperior
  • 1x L Head Voucher
  • 1x U Head Voucher
  • 1x N Head Voucher
  • 1x A Head Voucher
  • 1x R Head Voucher

COLLECT ALL L U N A R vouchers to receive a Lunar Legendary of your Choice!

Disclaimer: both the Astral Crate Key and the contents of the crate itself can be received through non-payment methods in-game!